About Tenerife

Life is good at Tenerife - the largest island of the Canary Islands. This Spanish island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off coast to Morocco. Although it is close to the African continent, the island is part of Spain. Because of the pleasant climate, Tenerife is also known as the 'island of eternal spring'. Next to that, it is a volcanic island: the largest volcano is the El Teide, which is also the largest mountain of Spain.



Sunny Tenerife

Sun lovers will love Tenerife because this island has an ideal climate. Especially on the south coast, the temperature range between twenty and thirty degrees throughout the year. Because of the tradewinds and the location, it is rarely cold or extremely hot on the island, especially in the south part of Tenerife. Major contrasts between the north and south of Tenerife are normal: in the north, it is mostly a few degrees lower, and there are more cloudy and rainy days. To give an example, the southern city of Arona gets about 150 mm of rain, while the Aguamansa in the north gets 900 mm of rainfall per year. In the mountains - depending on the height - it is much cooler. Sometimes, temperatures are about 10 or 15 degrees lower compared to the south coast. In the period November to April mountain peaks that are higher than 2000 meters are covered with snow.


History of Tenerife

The original inhabitants of Tenerife called themselves 'Guanches'. These Berbers settled on the island around the year 500. Before that time, Tenerife was uninhabited. The rest of Europe got interest in the island around 1500 because of shipping. In 1496, Spain conquered the island. In the sixties, Tenerife was first discovered by tourists and throughout the years, it became increasingly popular for vacations. Nowadays, the tourism industry is the most important source of income. 

Guanches Tenerife


Cheap flights to Tenerife

There is a variety of low-budget airlines that offer cheap and fast flights to Tenerife. From the Netherlands you fly in a about 4 hours to to Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur (South Tenerife Airport). These are the different airlines:

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